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AzureA2Z Virtual Conference 2020

Deccansoft Software Services is organizing a Live Virtual Conference on topics and functions related to Microsoft Azure. The conference is a single day event specifically for Microsoft Azure Aspirants and Professionals. The Virtual Conference will be broadcasted live on YouTube on ...

Azure Administration (Az-104) training and certification benefits

What is Azure Administrator (AZ-104)? An Azure Administrator deploys, operates, and monitors identity, governance, storage, computing, & virtual networks in a cloud environment. An Azure Administrator will provision, size, monitor, and fix resources accordingly Why should you take Azure Administrator? This ...
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Importance of Azure Certification

Business industries are experiencing changes in their technologies - mostly towards cloud computing. Cloud computing, defined as a web-based computing model, enables users to instantly share information with other devices and computers. This allows many people to access the same files ...
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Bestdotnettraining offers Free Cloud Computing webinars amid COVID-19 lockdown

As COVID-19 cases continued to spread around the world, hundreds of large corporations and multinationals are asking employees to work from home. Observing this trend, BestDotNetTraining (an online training portal for top technologies) is launching a series of webinars on Cloud Computing ...
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Tuples in Python

Tuple Tuple is a sequence of immutable Python objects. Tuples are sequences, just like lists. The main difference between the tuples and the lists is that the tuples cannot be changed unlike lists. Tuples use parentheses whereas lists use square brackets ...
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DevOps Practice Tool

DevOps Tools To expedite and actualize DevOps process apart from culturally accepting it, one also needs various DevOps tools like Puppet, Jenkins, GIT, Chef, Docker, Selenium, Azure/AWS etc to achieve automation at various stages which helps in achieving Continuous Development, Continuous ...
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