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AZ-104 Complete Exam Guide

Azure cloud services assist industries to grow faster and access data from anywhere with minimal effect. Azure technology extends its services to every sector in the IT field, and it has become crucial to upgrade yourself with cloud technologies. Azure Administrator certification is the associate level certification and this will be the first step towards advancing your cloud career.

The azure administrator is responsible to implement, manage, monitor and governing the Azure cloud for their administration. This article will demonstrate the overview of exam-104 and that will help you set your role as an Azure Administrator. 

Required skills to qualify for the Exam AZ-104:

The Azure administrator is responsible for the whole cloud infrastructure of the organization. This includes fixing up, monitoring, managing identity, administration, storage, computing, and virtual networks secure management, and more. Thereby, you need to be an expert in the below topics before appearing for the examination.

  • Manage Azure identities and governance 
  • Implement and manage storage 
  • Deploy and manage Azure compute resources 
  • Configure and manage virtual networking 
  • Monitor and backup Azure resources 

This certification is intended for candidates who want to advance their existing careers or take on a new role as an Azure administrator.

Job prospects of certified Azure administrators

As most industries prefer Azure cloud services for their application, there is a huge demand for certified administrators in the global market. Responsible for handling out industries administrative tasks and duties in relation to a different variety of projects, Azure administrators will be a crucial resource within the organization.

Getting a Microsoft certified Azure certification will make you sense from others. A skillful azure administrator can earn an average of $130,000 a year.

Hands-on practice

Even if you are an expert in the theoretical knowledge of azure administration, the exam would expect you to be familiar with practical real-world experience. For that, the hands-on lab will give you interactive experience and guidance to work in real cloud environments., a technology learning platform hosted by Deccansoft offers AZ-104-Azure administrator online training which is integrated with a hands-on lab for every module, along with detailed documentation of step-by-step demonstrations of labs.

Azure Administrator (AZ-104) online training

Selecting the best resource will help you to get the essential knowledge for the examination.AZ-104 online training offered by bestdotnettraining will cover the entire modules and we conduct complete AZ-104 live virtual training every few months once. Additionally, you will receive complete support and guidance to crack the exam in your first attempt.

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