Interview Questions on OOP’s

Cracking Interview Questions on OOP’s

The question I ask myself, before sharing an info-educational content like this, is what qualifies me to create such content on this subject?

I am not going to pretend that I started writing codes & programming when I was at junior school, I can’t even pretend that I was in high school or I paid my way through the university from the proceeds of developing.

For last 17 years I am in love with Developing & Programming, and making my living training people on how to approach technology. With all modesty I can say that I am good trainer.

In this particular mail series, I intend clarify or talk in detail about an important concept called Object Oriented concepts.

Now what is Object?

An Object is commonly defined as an “instance of the class”…

I don’t particularly like this definition as I feel; it does not clarify the subject enough. To understand and to know all about Object Oriented Concepts, to develop an understanding that can help you crack job interview, to use the concepts on actual project: I invite you to follow this video.

I won’t shy from saying that this video will have great utility for someone intending to practice and create a career in .NET Or Java.

OOPS Concepts Part 1

OOPS Concepts Part 2

It’s just fare to ask for your feedback… isn’t it!

Wishing you a very best of luck


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