Microservices Architecture: All You Need To Get Started For Advanced Applications

Microservices + Docker + Kubernetes Online training

In early 2000, the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) patterns is introduced for software building. It gives the flexibility to construct large-scale applications using multiple services. These multiple services are monolithic so that, the developers need to work every time in codebase whenever the application grows in size. 

It increased the processing time, moreover they felt overwhelmed with their development process. To overcome these drawbacks, the alternative pattern Microservices architecture was introduced. This blog will take you deeper dive into microservices, docker, and Kubernetes technologies


Microservices architecture is a specific pattern to construct software applications that can divide the whole application into different standalone services. These small loosely coupled services are called microservices and can perform build and deploy independently. In a microservice architecture, each component has its CPU, own run time environment. 

Microservice architecture using Docker and Kubernetes

With technology evolution, there are few new technologies are evolved such as docker and Kubernetes to support our Microservice architecture and software services. The primary variation between them is docker should run on a single node while Kubernetes should run across the cluster.


 The most leading containerization platform Docker encapsulates the microservices in its container. Each container maintains its specific responsibilities and is deployed independently. With the docker environment, the applications/services can run with individual host access. These lightweight Docker containers provide excellent support for microservices and are well suitable for cloud-native applications.


Kubernetes, the container orchestrator platform used to create, manage and deploy containerized applications (microservices) automatically. This portable and extensible platform supports container APIs with quick shipping and scaling with decoupled architecture. It acts as a self-service platform that creates a hardware abstraction layer for the development team. Thereby, they can quickly access the resources as well as can handle the additional load. It is based on the pod’s concepts, which are scheduling units in the Kubernetes zone.

Even though Kubernetes and Docker differ in their technologies, they work very well together, and both facilitate distributed architecture in terms of management and deployment of containers.

Most industries already found an alternative way for their modern software application’s testing and deploying methodology. They would like to hire potential /certified programmers to manage their container instances for deployment. Now you understand the answer for the hype around microservice, docker, and Kubernetes.

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