Web Programming Introduction

HTTP Protocol

  • The communication between web server and web browser on the internet is done using HTTP protocol.

  • HTTP is a W3C specification.

  • HTTP Protocol is the safest protocol on the internet.

  • HTTP is a stateless protocol. This is because it doesn’t know whether the request that has been made is part of an ongoing correspondence or just a single message.

  • HTTP communicates only in the String Format and is thus virus free and is platform independent.

    HTTP protocol works on PULL technology. i.e. we can pull everything available on web server but we cannot push content to the server unless server allows for it.

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Hidden Field

  1. Like ViewState, HiddenField is also used for managing the state of the client in round trips to the same web form.

  2. ViewState is managed by Page framework but HiddenField has to be coded by us.

  3. It can store data which is of type string and cannot store serializable custom objects unlike ViewState

  4. The value of HiddenField can be programmatically set on the client using Javascript, the same can be retrieved from the server from the HiddenField object

    Example:-To get DateTime of the client when the form was posted

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Validation Controls

Validation Controls

These controls are used for validating controls in browser before the form is submitted to the server


It is the parent of all the validation controls.

Validation Controls inherited from BaseValidator control are:

RequiredFieldValidator, RangeValidator, CompareValidator, RegularExpressionValidator, CustomValidator.

Properties of BaseValidator:

ControlToValidate, ErrorMessage, Text, Display (Static/Dynamic/None), SetFocusOnError, ToolTip, EnableClientScript (to disable client side validations), ValidationGroup

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View State

  1. It’s of type StateBag and is used for storing state/data to be used in postback to the same web form.

  2. ViewState being hidden element in form tag rendered, its different for different clients & is submitted to the server only if the form is submitted or posted.

  3. ViewState is a collection of Key-Value pairs, where Key is of type String and Value is of type Object. But only those objects which are marked as Serializable can be stored in ViewState.

  4. ViewState cannot be programmed on the client in javascript because the value of it is encrypted before it is rendered to the browser.

  5. If ViewState of the page is disabled (<%@Page EnableViewState=”False”) than anything Continue reading “View State”

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