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Azure Active Directory

In a cloud-based structure, It is necessary to use multiple Azure logins at the same time because the employees need to access different services like Azure container services, SQL database, machine learning to complete their individual/team tasks. But it is hard to manage when multiple employees try to log in at the same time and that’s when Azure Active Directory comes into the picture.

Azure Active Directory(AD)

Azure Active Directory(AD) is Microsoft’s cloud-based multi-tenant identity used to manage Azure services. Using Active Directory, the administrator can assign a single set of login credentials to multiple Azure services without any issues. AD is a pillar of the office 365 system and you can concur this with a premise active directory to provide authentication for another cloud system using OAuth.

Through Azure AD, you can enable both on-premises and cloud users to utilize Apps and benefiting other features such as conditional access, multi-factor authentication, and more.

How does AD (Azure Directory) work?

AD is an information resource-based container that contains username, credentials, and access rights. Azure AD is a new platform that supports cloud structure using REST APIs to transfer the data between any system to cloud applications. It’s a single-tenant application but leaving this AD from the circle will lead you to lose some agency over your stuff.

On the cloud-only model, AD allows the groups/users to log in to their PCs using directory services. But in a hybrid model, the organizations are integrated with a legacy structure where Azure AD uses your local directory for account data and operates in different hybrid modes.

Service users and groups

There are three categories of people who mainly depend on the Azure active directory for their daily activities/ works. Users in AD will appear in both in/outside of AD. For inside users, they can access through identities, and for outside users, a Microsoft account will be helpful to utilize the application.

Azure Administrators

They should be responsible for all Azure service access and login credentials. The Azure administrators also resolve the authentication issue, implement, manage and monitor the Azure identity, and more.

Azure Developers

The developers can utilize these Azure services to build enterprise-grade Azure applications. Developing becomes more easy and quick when the developer can access multiple Azure resources and applications. This should be possible only with Azure AD.

Online Customers

They are the end-users of Azure services like Office 365, CRM services, and more.

How to add users and groups to Azure AD

You can add people to your organization inside from outside tenants and possibly to give specific access. There are multiple ways to integrate the organization’s users and groups in Azure AD.

  • Powershell, Script the process to add new users.
  • Using Azure AD management portal.
  • You can program the process using Azure ADgraph API.
  • It is possible to directly sync users from Windows AD to Azure AD through the Azure AD Connect.

How to secure Azure AD?

As Azure AD is available on the internet, it is the easiest target for hackers to collect login credentials from data dumps to break Azure AD. To avoid this kind of attack, you should enable the setting to receive the warning when it opens from an untrusted source. Here, there are a few options to secure your Azure AD further.

  • Enable SSO(Single Sign-On)
  • Block legacy protocols
  • Automate applications provision
  • Enable Microsoft Cloud Access Security(MCAS)

As many organizations are shifting to the cloud for their services, Microsoft Azure becomes the largest cloud service in the field of cloud computing. Watch the below video and explore more details about Azure Active Directory and its subscriptions

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With Microsoft Azure, you can build and manage a huge quantity of data. Its flexibility and scalability provide a wide range of connections between On-premises and the public cloud. Because of its streamlined process and cost-effectiveness, Microsoft Azure attracts more organizations and customers.

As Microsoft Azure has grown rapidly, every IT professional needs to acquire Microsoft Azure skills and certifications. Learning Azure is one of the best investments to leverage your career.

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In the cloud market, the most in-demand certification path is becoming a Microsoft Azure certified professional. The knowledge and experience that you gained from this certification will help you to improve tech qualities and unlock a wide range of job opportunities. 

Getting certifications from an international vendor (like Microsoft) should improve your career credibility. So that certified professionals should get better recognition and attractive salary packages in any organization across the globe. Anyway, Learning from the globally known training center and real industry experts only help you to meet the corporate objectives.

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Complete your Azure Certification in 3 Steps

Complete Microsoft Azure Online Training

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Looking to Upskill in your Workplace? Time to move with the pace of Technology? Look no further! Looking to Upskill in your Workplace? Time to move with the pace of the Technology? Look no further!

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One significantly important skill to learn in the workplace today, with the advent of digitization and to increase your chances of progressing your career is a certification in Microsoft Azure.

Seeing the recent trends, the opportunities for certified Microsoft Azure professionals have significantly multiplied in recent years. Some stats supporting this are:

  1. According to the reports from Microsoft, 1000+ new customers sign up on Azure on a daily basis. That’s roughly equivalent to 365,000 new companies adopting Microsoft Azure every year.
  2. Over 57% of the Fortune 500 corporates have adopted the MS Azure culture.
  3. With the help of Azure, the commercial cloud revenue of Microsoft increased over 104%, with $6.3 billion in revenue.
  4. The UK government has officially accredited Microsoft Azure
  5. US government backs Microsoft Azure by providing offerings.
  6. Microsoft Azure covers multiple industries such as Banking, Healthcare, Education, and many more.

Barring these incredible statistics, there are several other benefits that students and professionals can gain by completing Azure Certifications.Barring these incredible statistics, there are several other benefits that students and professionals can gain by completing Azure Certifications.

  1. Increased focus and movement to Public Cloud
  2. High domination by MS Azure in the cloud computing field
  3. Incredibly easy to learn and adapt
  4. Highly efficient tool


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