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AZ-104 Complete Exam Guide

Azure cloud services assist industries to grow faster and access data from anywhere with minimal effect. Azure technology extends its services to every sector in the IT field, and it has become crucial to upgrade yourself with cloud technologies. Azure Administrator certification is the associate level certification and this will be the first step towards advancing your cloud career.

The azure administrator is responsible to implement, manage, monitor and governing the Azure cloud for their administration. This article will demonstrate the overview of exam-104 and that will help you set your role as an Azure Administrator. 

Required skills to qualify for the Exam AZ-104:

The Azure administrator is responsible for the whole cloud infrastructure of the organization. This includes fixing up, monitoring, managing identity, administration, storage, computing, and virtual networks secure management, and more. Thereby, you need to be an expert in the below topics before appearing for the examination.

  • Manage Azure identities and governance 
  • Implement and manage storage 
  • Deploy and manage Azure compute resources 
  • Configure and manage virtual networking 
  • Monitor and backup Azure resources 

This certification is intended for candidates who want to advance their existing careers or take on a new role as an Azure administrator.

Job prospects of certified Azure administrators

As most industries prefer Azure cloud services for their application, there is a huge demand for certified administrators in the global market. Responsible for handling out industries administrative tasks and duties in relation to a different variety of projects, Azure administrators will be a crucial resource within the organization.

Getting a Microsoft certified Azure certification will make you sense from others. A skillful azure administrator can earn an average of $130,000 a year.

Hands-on practice

Even if you are an expert in the theoretical knowledge of azure administration, the exam would expect you to be familiar with practical real-world experience. For that, the hands-on lab will give you interactive experience and guidance to work in real cloud environments., a technology learning platform hosted by Deccansoft offers AZ-104-Azure administrator online training which is integrated with a hands-on lab for every module, along with detailed documentation of step-by-step demonstrations of labs.

Azure Administrator (AZ-104) online training

Selecting the best resource will help you to get the essential knowledge for the examination.AZ-104 online training offered by bestdotnettraining will cover the entire modules and we conduct complete AZ-104 live virtual training every few months once. Additionally, you will receive complete support and guidance to crack the exam in your first attempt.

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AZ-400 online training | Increase your Business growth with DevOps

AZ-400  Online Training

In this competitive and challenging market, the ultimate goal of software industries is to produce reliable outcomes in a short period. But most organizations are facing a struggle to meet this objective and they have failed to prove themselves. This happens because there is a lack of communication and processes(necessary actions) between various teams among organizations. This situation leads to a time delay to complete the projects and it may directly affect the end-users as well the organization’s growth.

But how can we overcome this?

Microsoft Azure DevOps is the solution for this crucial issue. You can reduce the development cycle with DevOps and Ensure innovation at the fastest rate. Without a proper DevOps strategy, you will increase the production duration, and also at the end result, the outcome will have some bugs.

 But if you are implementing Microsoft Azure DevOps, it will produce the automated signal to the required team if any necessary action is required. So that, most organizations and developers would like to turn to DevOps to shorten the overall time in the task.

Microsoft Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps is a bundle of services that helps developers to provide a standard stream of reliable software releases quickly and deploying them without errors. In simple words, DevOps fills the bridge gap between software development and product management teams.

Azure DevOps is not a single program but it includes multiple chains that are CI/CD pipelines (Azure Pipelines), visual reporting tools (Azure Boards), and code repositories (Azure Repos) for code management and version control.

Features of Microsoft Azure DevOps

  • Dashboard performance
  • Source Control
  • Code Track 
  • CI/CD pipelines for continuous process
  • Manual and Exploratory Testing

DevOps Model

The development and deployment processes are followed by the below categories.

1. Plan and code(Continuous Development)

In this frame, the customers identified the team capabilities and distribute the task accordingly. Planning properly in an earlier stage and continuous monitoring would help the team to produce the proper outcome at the end without any work pressure. Delivery of application will be divided into multiple sectors and a coding process will be completed regarding the end-user requirements.

2. Build and Test(Continuous Integration)

Here, the developed code will be tested multiple times to resolve the bugs. The QA team should ensure the quality of the application and test its capabilities under different environments.

3. Release and Deploy (Continuous Deployment )

Once the code is verified by the QA team then it should reach the production service system where the customer accesses the code.

4. Operate and Monitor(Continuous Monitoring )

After making the code live, the operational team should monitor and observe the details about its performance for future developments.

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Learn and get five Microsoft certifications in one course| Azure Suite

Complete Azure Online Training

If you are looking for Complete detailed knowledge in Microsoft Azure, then you are at the right blog. 

Day 1:
Day 2:

With Microsoft Azure, you can build and manage a huge quantity of data. Its flexibility and scalability provide a wide range of connections between On-premises and the public cloud. Because of its streamlined process and cost-effectiveness, Microsoft Azure attracts more organizations and customers.

As Microsoft Azure has grown rapidly, every IT professional needs to acquire Microsoft Azure skills and certifications. Learning Azure is one of the best investments to leverage your career.

Here’s the value of Microsoft Azure Certification
In the cloud market, the most in-demand certification path is becoming a Microsoft Azure certified professional. The knowledge and experience that you gained from this certification will help you to improve tech qualities and unlock a wide range of job opportunities. 

Getting certifications from an international vendor (like Microsoft) should improve your career credibility. So that certified professionals should get better recognition and attractive salary packages in any organization across the globe. Anyway, Learning from the globally known training center and real industry experts only help you to meet the corporate objectives.

Now, are you thinking of the best Azure online training?

Don’t worry! We Bestdotnettraining is the perfect place to start your career in Azure.  Azure is our forte, Start from Azure scratch and ride on the journey to become an Azure expert.

With our high-impact virtual training, you will get an interactive and immersive learning experience on Azure technologies. This is an all-in-one platform for Azure learners where you can access basic level Azure programs(AZ-900, AZ-104, AZ-204, AZ-303 & 304) to advanced courses( AZ-400, AZ-500). 

Learn AZURE from the best trainer Sandeep Soni with 25+ years of experience in software and corporate training, and an Azure Architect himself, and be ready to grab corporate job opportunities.

Connect with your trainer

Deep dive into Microsoft Azure courses

We proudly launched a live training on Microsoft AZURE, known as AZURE SUITE. In this pocket-friendly package, you can get complete knowledge of the Microsoft Azure course (AZ-104 + AZ-204 + AZ-303 & AZ-304 + AZ-500). Enroll now for a free demo session to avail of the special offer.

With this Azure suite course, you can take the following Certifications –

A fresh live training batch begins on 11th September 2021. You will not only get to learn from Sandeep Soni LIVE but will also get special benefits like:

  • Complete Course Documentation for Certification exam
  • You will be able to repeat the entire course multiple times a year
  • You will get a 1-month FREE Azure portal access and MOC
  • Above all, you will get to learn azure from a 360 degree, from Administrator, Developer and Architect point of view

As the value of Azure services increases every day, this Azure Suite should be a solid base for your superior professionalism. Make your career in Microsoft Azure, Register NOW to avail the special offer.

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Execute the Microsoft Azure DevOps Services and Spotout the Business Growth

AZ-400: Azure DevOps Online Training

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Developing and deploying the product in a short period with no blunder is as yet hard for developers/organizations. Yet, presently you can bypass these issues with Microsoft Azure services. Indeed! You can save your time in projects by executing appropriate Aure DevOps service that would follow the application from end to end level.

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps has lots of highlights that might amaze you in the cloud ecosystem. Azure DevOps is Microsoft Software that gives a toolchain tracking control from development to deployment level. You can get adaptable access for various platforms to run various languages and deploy them on any cloud.

Azure DevOps services

This conveyance model executes a connection between an organization’s azure development team and the operations team. DevOps tools that control whole activities with one unit. The target of DevOps is to track the process from top to end level consequently lessening the general time. It will assist the organization with accomplishing the objective and increment business esteem in a short period by giving effective yields. It is built with loads of logic that give an alert to the development team when an issue is recognized in the production environment. 

Azure DevOps offers various services for organizations to further develop results. Here, you can simply search for a DevOps services list to work on your insight.

DevOps infrastructure services

When the association is prepared to acknowledge DevOps, infrastructure automation is the main angle to effective the DevOps venture. infrastructure is a consistent part of programming advancement that goes about as a spine for the entire framework to execute appropriately. You can improve your workflow by eliminating waiting time which will give higher accuracy and better efficiency. Infrastructure plays a vital role in leveraging deploying scripts, engaging teams, monitoring tools, tracking performance, and more.

DevOps consulting services

If any organization will try to adopt the azure DevOps, its first target is to expand the objective/worth of the association. However, it is absurd without applying the appropriate DevOps Strategy. You ought to recognize the pragmatic approach from business layers. Today, numerous counseling groups are accessible to work out the DevOps computerization.

DevOps implementation services

After finding out the proper strategy, you should apply it to your traditional system approach and shift every process into Azure DevOps.This may take time to shift and everyone must learn about DevOps basics to work with that.

DevOps CI/CD Services

CI/CD pipeline is a progression of steps that should further develop programming delivery to expand the business esteem. Continuous integration (CI) is useful for data integrations and repositories while performing continuous delivery (CD). You can get to short-deliver activities whenever without defects. These automated pipelines perform moment cycles for product release without errors.

DevOps containerization services

Containerization is the key role player in the DevOps process to achieve the perfect solutions that ensure higher reliability, portability, and quality. The packaging software code required dependencies and configurations to track the process for successful deployment.

DevOps release management service

This process will manage the whole software delivery lifecycle, such as developing, testing, and deploying. Various tools are implemented to track the system which reduces the time delay and error. By using DevOps we may deploy the application in a short time in a secure way.

Azure DevOps feature

  • You can improve customer satisfaction by providing reliable service.
  • Dashboard control
  • Improved Source Control
  • Plan and Track Your Work
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Support for Manual and Exploratory Testing
  • Integrated Collaboration Services
  •  Azure Cloud-hosted Services

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