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This Video Inheritance Concepts in C#

Is recorded by Mr. Sandeep Soni,MCT

In this video we have covered the following topics:


1. Introduction to Inheritance
2. Constructors & Inheritance
3. Type casting of Reference Types
4. Static and dynamic binding
5. Abstract classes


Inheritance depends upon “is a” relationship.
For example:
 Car is a Vehicle
 Faculty is a Person
 Student is a Person
 Chair is a Furniture

Static and Dynamic Binding

Virtual methods are dynamically bound i.e., the actual method called would be decided at runtime and the decision
is based on the object to which the reference variable invoking the method is referring to.

Abstract Classes and Methods

1. An abstract method is a method in which declaration is provided
but implementation is not.
2. A class with one or more methods declared as abstract must be
declared as abstract and such a class cannot
be instantiated because its behavior is incomplete.

System.Object Class

Every class in .NET is inherited from System.Object class. Thus the functionality in Object class is available to all the
objects in .NET. Also the reference variable of type System.Object can refer to instance/object of any class in .NET
Methods in Object class:
1. bool Equals(object obj) // Compares the current object reference
with obj and returns true if both are
referring to the same object otherwise returns false.
2. System.Type GetType() //returns the Type instance for the
current objects class.

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About Microsoft.Net Framework

Category of Programmers

  • System Programmers – One who programs directly for a given hardware eg: Device Drivers or extremely low-level o/p services.
  • Application Programmers – One who programs applications used by people for their requirements – eg: Calculator, Calendar, MS-Office like packages, Accounting Packages etc…
  • .NET is for Application programming and not for System programming. Continue reading “About Microsoft.Net Framework”
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Multi Threading

  • Thread: The path of execution of instructions within a process is called a thread. A program with multiple simultaneous paths of execution is said to be multi threaded application.

  • A running instance of an application is a process. Every process has its own memory address space and it is in that all the data and the instructions of that process reside. Continue reading “Multi Threading”

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Connected and Disconnected Architecture

  • ADO.NET (Active x Data Object) is mediator between front end and back end that interacts with client side application and server side application which supports two types of Data Accessing models, one is Connection oriented and Disconnected oriented.
  • ADO.NET leverages the power of XML for accessing data using disconnected architecture. It was completely designed with XML classes in .NET Framework. Continue reading “Connected and Disconnected Architecture”
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