Why choose a Data Engineer Career? Here’s What you need to know!


DP-200/201: Implementing and Designing Azure Data Solution

What is DP 200? What is DP 200?

DP 200 certification is called Implementing an Azure Data Solution. DP 200 certification is necessary to begin your journey as a Data Engineer. This course helps users in learning and selecting the most appropriate data service models in line with each individual business need. It also prepares users to help in the implementation of relational and non-relational, hybrid as well as data warehouse solutions. You will also be able to deploy solutions in storage, along with the management and monitoring of data services in Azure.  

What is DP 201?

The DP 201 certification, also known as Designing an Azure Data Solution deals with 3 main areas of the subject. They are: 

  • Designing for data security and compliance 
  • Designing Azure Data storage solutions 
  • Designing data processing solutions 

The roles of the data engineers typically involve designing tasks related to data, such as azure data storage solutions. It will also involve working with real-time data processing solutions as well as compliance and data security. 

Prerequisites for these courses? 

It is recommended for learners to be familiar with data engineering concepts, primarily pertaining to data pipelines, stream vs batch processing, and relational databases. Application of this software and concepts is not a must for beginning the certification. Learners are typically expected to have a basic understanding and experience with Microsoft Azure. 

Who are these courses for? Who are these courses for?

DP 200 forms a stepping stone for individuals looking to take DP 201 certification. A combination of these two certifications allows users to get Microsoft certified as Azure Data Engineers.  

Why should you take this course?

These courses are for roles such as data professionals, data architects, business intelligence professionals, etc. The roles encapsulate using services such as Azure Cosmo DB, Synapse, Data Lake Storage, Data Factory, etc. 

In India especially, we see that is is an adequate shortage of talent in this particular field. Due to this, companies are willing to pay higher in the recruitment of fresher as well as mid-level experienced data engineers. According to the stats put forward by PayScale, if you are an entry-level Data engineer, and your experience is under 1 year, you are expected to earn on average INR 8LPA. Upon further progressing in your career, mid-level individuals earn around INR 13-15LPA. 

The following quote from Analytics India Magazine Report shows the trend of data engineering in a positive light, “While IT firms have shown a negative trend, the demand for data engineering professionals has increased across the companies, resulting in a significant jump in their salary structure. Whereas for salaries across analytics skills, advanced analytics roles and predictive modeling professionals grabbed the limelight compared to other roles.” 

As such, taking into account the growth of the market and generation of data from every aspect and avenue, we can understand that data engineering is on an upward trend in India, and data analytics, as well as Big Data Jobs, are in abundance and a go-to field at the moment.


The Azure Data Analytics training can be taken by any beginner who wants to build a career in Microsoft Azure Data Analytics. The subscriber needs to have a working knowledge of Azure and SQL.

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