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70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Online Course.Best Dot Net Training. Infrastructure Solutions Introductory Course

                                    Description:  Microsoft Azure Online Course.

Tired of doing the same routine and mundane job…on Microsoft Azure Online Course.

Break the barrier open yourself to a world of completely new opportunities. Expand your Horizon and Vision about Cloud Computing. Be an actor and not a spectator in how cloud computing is encompassing the IT industry. Microsoft Azure Online Course.

Whether it is a Startup, Midscale or Large Organization, all are now moving away from On-Premise infrastructure to Cloud Infrastructure. Virtual Network and Virtual Machines are taking over providing the advantage of Pay-As-Go model and ability to scale infrastructure if need be. Whether it is a Simple Website or E-commerce Portal or CRM or Office Automation tools or DevOps tools or anything which needs Server Infrastructure – all are now finding their space in Cloud.
Today knowledge of cloud computing is as essential as knowledge of OS for effectively using the system.
In Microsoft Build conference, Microsoft shared with the world how large its cloud platform is and who is using these services. They boasted that they have more data centres than Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google’s Cloud Service combined and that 85% of Fortune 500 companies are currently using Azure in some or the other capacity. Microsoft Azure Online Course.



This, Microsoft Azure training is targeted for ANYONE who wants to move their current skillset to Microsoft Azure cloud taking the benefit of unlimited computing, storing and networking power.

The Microsoft Azure course will enable you to design, build, maintain and monitor robust and scalable cloud solutions and most important you will start thinking BIG. This course also focuses on the architectural considerations and decisions necessary when building a highly available solution in the cloud.

Teaching methodology of Mr Sandeep Soni is pretty simple, for every topic it all begins with an in-depth understanding of concepts followed by practical demos of how the feature can be incorporated in real-time situations. You can experience this by looking at some of his demo videos of Microsoft Azure as listed below.


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Microsoft Azure Online Course.Best Dot Net Training
Microsoft Azure Online Course.Best Dot Net Training

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