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AzureA2Z Virtual Conference 2020

AzureA2Z Virtual Conference 2020

Deccansoft Software Services is organizing a Live Virtual Conference on topics and functions related to Microsoft Azure. The conference is a single day event specifically for Microsoft Azure Aspirants and Professionals. The Virtual Conference will be broadcasted live on YouTube on 8th November 2020, beginning at 9AM. This Conference is divided into 4 parts as Knowledge share, Interactive sessions, Quizzes, and Keynote speeches. You will be connecting and interacting with industry experts in Azure and engaging in thought-provoking conversations about Azure. Mr. Sandeep Soni, (MCT) is the Keynote speaker for this Virtual Conference. Keeping in mind the current situation, we are proud to be able to organize this event on our YouTube Channel (BestDotNetTraining) so that the participants can watch, learn and interact from the safety and comfort of their homes.

The Topics to be discussed during the Conference are as follows:

  1. Automated Machine Learning on Azure
  2. Build Efficient & Cost-Effective Solutions Using Azure Functions.
  3. Azure cognitive services.        
  4. Transform Data using Azure Data Factory.
  5. Power BI Services on Azure.
  6. Implementing MSAL Authentication in Xamarin Forms.

To add more excitement to this conference there will also be a Quiz Competition conducted at the end of every session and the overall winners will win prizes worth Rs. 25,000. To know more, please visit the link:

Quote from CEO of Deccansoft.

Sandeep Sir, CEO, Deccansoft Software Services “I, on behalf of Deccansoft Software Services is proud to invite and welcome everyone to AzureA2Z Virtual Conference 2020. Our multiple educational platforms have always aimed at providing education and sharing knowledge to everyone possible. And conducting this Virtual Conference for the first time is just adding another feather to our cap, which wouldn’t have been possible without the responses we have received from our participants. So I invite you all to be a part of our family, and take away as much learning as possible so that we can keep sharing and keep learning and keep growing together”

Date & Time: 28th Nov 2020, 9AM onwards

Virtual Location: BestDotNetTraining (

So do make sure you add this conference to your calendar and do not miss an opportunity to learn what’s new and exciting in the industry today to build a better, stronger, and smarter tomorrow.

To get more information about the event contact

Ms. Sana Dhanani

Mobile / WhatsApp: +91 85558 23343 , +91 8008 327 000


Azure Administration (Az-104) training and certification benefits

What is Azure Administrator (AZ-104)?

An Azure Administrator deploys, operates, and monitors identity, governance, storage, computing, & virtual networks in a cloud environment. An Azure Administrator will provision, size, monitor, and fix resources accordingly

Why should you take Azure Administrator?

This course will give you complete knowledge on Azure Infrastructure and it helps IT / Azure professionals who are working on Cloud platforms

Why is the role of Azure Administrator important nowadays?

  1. Microsoft Azure is one of the most widely used Cloud Computing platforms apart from other cloud platforms
  2. Azure Administrator has a lot of services that serve a wide variety of necessities.
  3. Apart from these things the other important factor is Azure Administrator deploys, operates, and monitors identity, governance, storage, computing, & virtual networks in a cloud environment.
  4. An Azure Administrator often serves as part of a big team dedicated to implementing your organization’s cloud infrastructure.
  5. Azure Administrators AZ-104 deploy, Operate, and monitor an organization’s Microsoft Azure environment.

Why is Azure AZ104 certification important?

Candidates will face difficulty in getting hired for an Azure Administrator job without having certification. Microsoft Azure provides a bunch of certification courses in the market for a candidate and Azure Administrator certification plays an important role. Companies are also looking for professionals who are certified and have good technical knowledge of Azure

– Progressive career development
– Structured learning
– Higher salaries
– Career flexibility

How does Azure help developers in their careers?

As the technology industry is ever-changing, Microsoft Azure certainly plays a major role in the cloud computing industry. Microsoft Azure is the dominant player in the Market.

Cloud Computing is a very huge market and there are hundreds of companies in the market. There is no question that only a few companies are gaining the market, even though every company offers unique solutions to the customers based on their requirements.

Google Trends on Azure Administrator (AZ-104) searches:

Azure jobs


The Microsoft Azure Administrator training is essential for all those Administrators and IT Professionals who work on Microsoft Platform or provide solutions for building, maintaining and monitoring enterprise-level applications using Cloud Computing services.
Applicable careers include-

  • Database Administrators / Security Administrators / Storage Administrators
  • Network Engineers / DevOps Engineers / Server Engineers / Virtualization Engineers
  • Solution Architects / Team Leads / Enterprise Architects

Skills measured:

Manage Azure identities and governance
Implement and manage storage
Deploy and manage Azure compute resources                       
Configure and manage virtual networking                           
Monitor and backup Azure resources

Hurry up, start with Azure today!

Importance of Azure Certification

Business industries are experiencing changes in their technologies – mostly towards cloud computing. Cloud computing, defined as a web-based computing model, enables users to instantly share information with other devices and computers. This allows many people to access the same files and data with minimal effort and gives users the opportunity to easily store large amounts of data.

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Bestdotnettraining offers Free Cloud Computing webinars amid COVID-19 lockdown

As COVID-19 cases continued to spread around the world, hundreds of large corporations and multinationals are asking employees to work from home. Observing this trend, BestDotNetTraining (an online training portal for top technologies) is launching a series of webinars on Cloud Computing. This will cover Microsoft Azure – Administration, Development, DevOps, AWS, Docker, Microservices, Azure Data Engineering and more. These technology webinars will be free of cost.

The Microservices batch goes live on 6th April (Monday), 7:30 – 9:30 AM (IST), followed by a series of Webinars on Top Azure, AWS and Data Engineering Interview Questions and FAQs starting from 8th April.

In this period, where upskilling is not an option but a necessity, professionals working from home can find some time and invest in upgrading their existing skills.

We have thus started a series of free live technology webinars by top Cloud Computing Experts and Mentors in the IT Industry, Mr. Sandeep Soni, (Certified Azure Solutions Architect), Mr. Rahul Rampurkar (Certified AWS Certified Architect), and Mrs. Vandana Soni (Azure Data Engineer Associate)

Use this period of lockdown as an opportunity to learn, excel and find your way to the top. COVID-19 is an eye-opener and has educated people about switching to online learning. This sudden, but the smooth shift has raised awareness on the benefits of online learning and pursuing courses online.

To know details about these free online webinars, visit and register yourself for the demo of each course.