Java vs .NET Features and Comparison between These Two

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NET and Java are two leading technologies for building software’s, websites and web apps. With their growing popularity, most of the businesses face the challenge to choose from either of them as a primary development tool for creating intuitive applications. Both these technologies enable the creation of large-scale business applications and have evolved over the years to support and enhance desktop & server-side application development.
Between the two, you must first learn about the applications created using either of the technologies. Through this comparison blog, we aim to highlight the difference between Java and .NET. Our objective is to help businesses understand how either of the environments can fit in their operational requirements.
A .NET or Microsoft technology-based solution might be the correct choice for an Enterprise-grade application which requires strict security and high level of data integrity, whereas a Java-based solution would be suitable when the primary requirement is cross-platform operability in-line with its motto “write once, deploy anywhere.” Learn more about the new features of ASP.NET Core that enable development of modern web & cloud applications.
.NET vs Java – The Differences
Java is object-oriented programming (OOPs) language and .NET is a framework with C# as its programming language. Both Java and .NET are based on the object-oriented concept and are useful for developing enterprise solutions.
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