Azure Administration (Az-104) training and certification benefits

What is Azure Administrator (AZ-104)?

An Azure Administrator deploys, operates, and monitors identity, governance, storage, computing, & virtual networks in a cloud environment. An Azure Administrator will provision, size, monitor, and fix resources accordingly

Why should you take Azure Administrator?

This course will give you complete knowledge on Azure Infrastructure and it helps IT / Azure professionals who are working on Cloud platforms

Why is the role of Azure Administrator important nowadays?

  1. Microsoft Azure is one of the most widely used Cloud Computing platforms apart from other cloud platforms
  2. Azure Administrator has a lot of services that serve a wide variety of necessities.
  3. Apart from these things the other important factor is Azure Administrator deploys, operates, and monitors identity, governance, storage, computing, & virtual networks in a cloud environment.
  4. An Azure Administrator often serves as part of a big team dedicated to implementing your organization’s cloud infrastructure.
  5. Azure Administrators AZ-104 deploy, Operate, and monitor an organization’s Microsoft Azure environment.

Why is Azure AZ104 certification important?

Candidates will face difficulty in getting hired for an Azure Administrator job without having certification. Microsoft Azure provides a bunch of certification courses in the market for a candidate and Azure Administrator certification plays an important role. Companies are also looking for professionals who are certified and have good technical knowledge of Azure

– Progressive career development
– Structured learning
– Higher salaries
– Career flexibility

How does Azure help developers in their careers?

As the technology industry is ever-changing, Microsoft Azure certainly plays a major role in the cloud computing industry. Microsoft Azure is the dominant player in the Market.

Cloud Computing is a very huge market and there are hundreds of companies in the market. There is no question that only a few companies are gaining the market, even though every company offers unique solutions to the customers based on their requirements.

Google Trends on Azure Administrator (AZ-104) searches:

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The Microsoft Azure Administrator training is essential for all those Administrators and IT Professionals who work on Microsoft Platform or provide solutions for building, maintaining and monitoring enterprise-level applications using Cloud Computing services.
Applicable careers include-

  • Database Administrators / Security Administrators / Storage Administrators
  • Network Engineers / DevOps Engineers / Server Engineers / Virtualization Engineers
  • Solution Architects / Team Leads / Enterprise Architects

Skills measured:

Manage Azure identities and governance
Implement and manage storage
Deploy and manage Azure compute resources                       
Configure and manage virtual networking                           
Monitor and backup Azure resources

Hurry up, start with Azure today!

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